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Emergency Dental Services

We see dental emergency patients every day. All you need to do is just walk in.  Our emergency patients are not charged a higher price than our patients who see us for preventive or scheduled care.  

Many patients tell us that they are in pain today, but cannot get an appointment with their dentist for two to three weeks. We are here to help in these types of situations! When the patient sees our dentists for tooth or gum pain, our staff will x-ray the area and our dentists will perform an examination. During the exam, the patient will be given a diagnosis and then advised of his/her treatment options along with any associated costs. The patient will also be given a timeline of approximately how many visits it will take to complete the entire treatment plan. At the end of the exam, the dentist (at their discretion) will write prescriptions to help the patient manage any pain or infection.

Once the exam is complete (and treatment, if any, is agreed upon between the patient and dentist), payment for the exam and services will be processed. Our offices accept a variety of payment options, including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Ameican Express, check cards and credit cards, CareCredit (a credit card through GEMoney for use at healthcare provider offices), personal checks (the account holder must be present with a valid ID) and cash. If the patient has dental insurance, it may often be applied toward the visit.

Patients are not obligated to have treatment performed in our offices; however, we are certainly glad to treat patients by performing fillings, root canal therapy, extractions, and other forms of treatment at the time of the visit. If the patient is already established with a family dentist, they are welcome to have treatment performed by their dentist once our dentists have alleviated their pain. Many patients who see our dentists for dental emergency visits love our dentists and choose to return for regularly scheduled care and preventive care, including cleanings.