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At Florence, Kentucky Urgent Dental Care, we are so appreciative for the millions of patients who have trusted us with their care. Our goal is to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the tooth replacement solutions and dental care provided at our practice.

See what some of our customers have to say about us below.

Jon Singleton
Have been putting off seeing a dentist knowing I would eventually be replacing my teeth with implants. When an impacted tooth was all I could focus on for a full days work I came here in search of anything that could help relieve it on Friday. The staff was very kind to me. As it had been nearly two decades since my last trip to a dentist (and that was a very bad experience, having woken up in the middle of oral surgery) you can understand my trepidation. Dr. Patel was very fast to get me numbed up and begin working. I was very tense - I did my best to relax (still wasn’t great at it) and he just worked right through, consistently making sure I was ok. Thank you to Dr. Patel as well as the Dental Assistant who was very kind and reassuring. The interaction I had with the two of you on Friday was so opposite of my expectations (of dentistry in general not of this office) that I’ve already begun to plan my next steps of full dental correction for both arches. The interaction you have with someone can genuinely affect how that person perceives an industry, dental (for me) especially, and can inadvertently nudge someone down the path of total avoidance of their oral health (as it had done for me for a long time) or down the path of proper oral health. Thank you for sending me down the latter path on Friday evening!
David Hampton
Great service and staff! Recommend!!!
Phil Mallott
I needed help with a cracked (back) molar that was causing me pain ( cutting my tongue), and don't have a regular dentist. It was the weekend, and I was afraid I'd have to wait till Monday to get help. I walked into the Florence Urgent Dental office and the friendly staff took care of me right away. The dental assistant led me to the X-ray chair and gave me the initial exam, and the knowledgeable and friendly dentist quickly took care of the worrisome tooth. It was a quick, and relatively "painless" process. I would highly recommend this professional and efficient practice.
Anthony Ward
The best dental experience I've ever had n my visit even included an extraction of a problematic tooth. Great staff n a great job done for me, I'd highly recommend this dentist for all your needs.
Dustin White
As I'm writing this I'm in a lot of pain given I just had a wisdom tooth pulled from here a few hours ago. However, this facility did an amazing job. I run into burning buildings as a firefighter for a living and the dentist scares me more. They calmed my fears and reassured me that everything will be okay and was very friendly. The actual procedure took no time at all and the staff gave excellent instructions for post op care. 10/10 would recommend.
Madeline Spence
Amazing. Amazing, AMAZING! so kind, caring and patient. Dr. Austin was the best, and my assistant Ashley was the sweetest. Held my hand while my wisdom teeth were removed. Didn't dismiss my anxiety disorder and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so much you guys ♥️
Todd Newkirk
I was pleased with the care and information I was given, staff was very kind , service was fast
Jamie Dinwiddie
Quick and compassionate service. Provided excellent medical advice and temporary relief for my symptoms until I was able to get an appointment with a specialist. I would highly recommend Urgent Dental in the event of a dental emergency.
Jennifer Kerns
Great place.
Shayla Rizzo
Great service! Everyone from the front desk receptionist, to the dental assistant and doctor was friendly and helpful. They worked quickly to do all the work I needed. Dr. Aram was friendly, and knew what he was doing. I will be a regular customer for sure.

Patient Concerns

We care about our patients and want to ensure you discuss any concerns you have with your dentist and practice staff. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Florence, Kentucky Urgent Dental Care Patient Services Center at (859) 647-7600 and a member of our Patient Relations Team will be glad to assist you. We appreciate and value your feedback!